IPNOmed Nackenstützkissen - Die Harmonie des Schlafs

The measure of all things: you and your sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is something highly individual – just as individual as the contour of your neck, because to enable you to relax at night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, you need to sleep on a pillow which is especially customised for you.

Developed in cooperation with physiotherapists, your KARE pillow has an ergonomic design and outstanding quality. Only the very best materials are processed here with the greatest of care to create exactly the right combination.

For a wonderful sleep!

The dimensions of comfort: your perfect pillow.

The perfect pillow needs to have the right height and shape, and combine good support with pleasant softness. In addition it has to adapt ideally to your neck, and at the same time relieve it of pressure and strain. In short: finding just the right pillow for you requires certain measurements.

Thanks to our simple but highly effective measuring technique, your unique sleeping experience is guaranteed.

The KARE pillow configurator then immediately calculates the dimensions for your ideal individual neck-support pillow.

Are you looking for the harmony of sleep? You’ll find it with your KARE pillow.

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate benefit.
It’s all a matter of height!

At KARE we offer seven different pillows, all with a different height.

Taking your measurements will indicate
which pillow height is the right one for you.



Soft or firm? Please select:

2Upper body width

Take the measurement across the shoulders (shoulder width)

3Length of the cervical spine

Measure C1 - C7

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